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A Detailed Analysis of the BCS Preliminary & Written Syllabus

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Created at: Thursday 9 February 2023 09:29:03am

Want to become a government officer through the BCS exam? Learn everything you need to know to pass the competitive and prestigious Bangladesh Civil Service exam with our detailed analysis of the BCS preliminary syllabus & written syllabus.

Discover the key concepts, best practices, and expert tips to ace the BCS preliminary & written syllabus and avoid common mistakes. Stay updated with the latest changes and updates to the BCS exam and its syllabus. Unlock the door to a rewarding career with our ultimate guide to acing the BCS exam!

BCS Preliminary Syllabus

This is the first step of a qualifying test which is held in May or June every year. The preliminary exam is held in 200 marks according to the BCS syllabus. 

  • Bengali - 35 Questions

  • English - 35 Questions

  • Bangladesh affairs -30 questions

  • International Affairs - 20 Questions

  • General Science - 15 Questions

  • Computer - 15 questions

  • Mathematical Reasoning - 15 questions

  • Mental Ability - 15 Questions

  • Ethics and Good Governance - 10 questions

  • Geography - 10 questions 


Subject 1: Bangla

For Bangla, you will read Bengali Language and Bengali Literature. See details below:

Subject 2: English

For English, you will read English Language & English Literature.

Part 1: 

  • Parts of Speech:

  • Idioms & Phrases

  • Clauses

  • Corrections

  • Sentences & Transformations

  • Words

  • Composition

Part-2: Literature

English Literature

  • Name of writers of Literary Pieces from the Elizabethan period to the 21st Century

  • Quotations from drama/poetry of different ages

Subject 3: Bangladesh Affairs

Bangladesh Affairs: 30 marks. Check below