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BCS Online Exam Practice | BCS Model Test | Live MCQ

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Are you looking for the best way to prepare for the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) exam? Look no further! With our comprehensive BCS online exam practice and preparation program, you can get the edge you need to ace the BCS Exam. Our program provides you with the tools and resources you need to succeed, including live MCQ practice tests, study guides, model tests, and more. Get ready to take your BCS exam with confidence and start your journey toward a successful career in public service!

What is the BCS Exam?

The Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) administers the BCS Exam, a nationwide competitive public exam, to select applicants for various civil service posts in Bangladesh. There are 26 BCS cadres posts including BCS Admin, BCS Foreign Affairs, BCS Police, BCS Audit & Accounts, BCS Taxation, BCS Customs and Excise, and among others.

History of the BCS Exam 

The Bangladesh Civil Service Examination is modeled on the old Imperial Civil Service of the British Raj. The Imperial Civil Service, which existed in the Indian subcontinent during the British Raj between 1858 and 1947, was the top-level civil service of the British Empire. This is where the origins of civil service in this region can be traced back.

Following the 1947 partition, East Bengal was incorporated into Pakistan as a province and thus, Central Superior Services of Pakistan was instituted. This service later evolved to become Bangladesh Civil Service in 1971 after the country's independence. Through a decree issued by then-President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, an act was passed. The Civil Services Exam of Bangladesh is renowned as one of the most challenging tests in the country.

Eligibility of BCS Exam

If you want to apply for the BCS exam, you just need some eligibility, set by the BPSC. All applicants must be citizens of Bangladesh. Individuals who are betrothed or have made plans to wed a foreign national should seek a Permit/NOC from the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh; applications cannot be processed without a Permit/NOC. If you have that eligibility then you will sit this public exam.

You must be 21 to 30 years of age for General candidates. The upper age limit for freedom fighters, their sons, daughters, disabled aspirants, and BCS (Health) cadre candidates is 32 years.

You must complete 4 years of graduation or 3 years of pass course and one-year masters course in any discipline or subject. If a candidate fails to secure more than one-third class in any academic phase, they will be disqualified.

BCS Exam System & Syllabus

Before Starting BCS preparation, you must know every detail about BCS Preliminary & Written syllabus. The exam is taken by the BPSC in three steps - Preliminary examination, Written examination, and final step Viva Voce.

 First Step: BCS Preliminary

This is the first step of a qualifying test which is held in May or June every year. The preliminary exam is held in 200 marks according to the BCS syllabus. 

  • Bengali - 35 Questions

  • English - 35 Questions

  • Bangladesh affairs -30 questions

  • International Affairs - 20 Questions

  • General Science - 15 Questions

  • Computer - 15 questions

  • Mathematical Reasoning - 15 questions

  • Mental Ability - 15 Questions

  • Ethics and Good Governance - 10 questions

  • Geography - 10 questions 

Every year 4,50,000 to 5,00,000 candidates attend the preliminary test and only 3% to 4% of candidates are passed to be eligible for the written exam. The result is published two or three months after the examination is held.

Second Step: BCS Written Exam

This is the main step or hard step to be considered. If you apply for the general cadre only, you will attend 900 marks written exam, and for the technical cadre - you also attend 900 marks written exam. But if you apply for both cadres, you will face 900 and extra subject related 200 marks in a total of 1100 marks written exam. Normally 6 or 8 months are needed to publish results after completing the written exam.

For General Cadre

Nine compulsory subjects:

  • General Bengali (Part I & II) - 200 Marks

  • General English (Part I & II) - 200 Marks

  • Bangladesh Affairs (Part I & II) - 200 Marks

  • International Affairs - 100 Marks

  • Mathematical Reasoning and Mental Ability - 100 Marks

  • General Science and Technology - 100 Marks

For Technical Cadre

Two post-related subjects in addition to the seven required subjects:

  • General Bengali - 100 Marks

  • General English (Part I & II) - 200 Marks

  • Bangladesh Affairs (Part I & II) - 200 Marks

  • International Affairs - 100 Marks

  • Mathematical Reasoning and Mental Ability - 100 Marks

  • Two papers for post related subject - 200 Marks

For Both Cadre

For both cadres, you will face nine compulsory and two post-related subjects.

Third Step: BCS Viva 

This is the final step and you will face 200 marks, Viva Voce. This is the oral test where you are judged by the most intelligent persons presented on the viva board. After completing the viva, the result is published one or two months later. About 0.2% of candidates finally qualified and got the job. 

BCS Preparation Guideline

If you want to take BCS preparation, you can take online registration for BCS online courses in many online exam software or website like


  1. Develop a study plan: Develop a study plan and stick to it. Make sure you allocate enough time for each subject and practice regularly.

  2. Understand the syllabus: Understand the syllabus of the exam and the topics covered in it. This will help you to plan your studies better.

  3. Read the books: Read the books recommended by the exam board and practice the questions from them.

  4. Solve previous year's papers: Solve previous BCS questions and understand the questions asked in the exam. This will help you to prepare better for the exam.

  5. Take mock tests: Take BCS mock tests to assess your preparation level and identify your weak areas.

  6. Practice online: Practice BCS online test as it helps to improve your speed and accuracy.

  7. Revise regularly: Revise regularly and make sure you go through all the topics before the exam.

  8. Stay focused: Stay focused and motivated during the preparation period.

  9. Take breaks: Take regular breaks while studying to keep your mind fresh and focused.

  10. Get enough sleep: Get enough sleep and rest to stay alert during the exam.

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BCS Online Exam Preparation & Practice: FAQs

How do I prepare for the BCS exam?

The best way to prepare for the BCS Exam is to study the syllabus thoroughly, practice mock tests, and revise regularly. It is also important to stay up-to-date with current affairs and general knowledge.

What is the full form of the BCS exam?

The complete form of the BCS is “Bangladesh Civil Service”.

What is the duration of the BCS Preliminary exam?

The duration of the BCS preliminary exam is two hours.

What is the format of the BCS exam?

The BCS exam consists of multiple-choice questions and written questions & viva voce.

Is there any age limit for appearing in the BCS exam?

Yes, the minimum age limit for appearing in the BCS exam is 21 years and the maximum age limit is 30 years.

How many times can I appear for the BCS exam?

You can appear for the BCS exam until you are 30 years old.

Is there a negative marking system for the BCS Preliminary exam?

Yes, there is a negative marking system for the BCS preliminary exam. For every wrong answer, 0.5 marks are deducted from your total score.

Is the BCS exam hard?

It is said that the BCS exam is the toughest exam in Bangladesh because 4 to 5 lakh candidates attend the exam but only 0.2% of candidates get the chance finally.

How many steps are in the BCS exam?

There are three steps in the BCS exam. These are the Preliminary examination, the Written examination, and the final step is Viva Voce.

Do I take the live MCQ exam?

Yes, you do. We take live MCQ in every BCS-related subject according to the routine that we provide. To appear at the live MCQ exam, please visit